112'622 km²

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49.5 % de la population vit en dessous du seuil de pauvreté avec moins de 2$ par jour

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Rang: 163 sur 189



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Médecins par million d'habitants

6 (contre 4'200 en Suisse)

The Africa Mercy departed from Cotonou, in Benin, on June 3rd, 2017, after a ten-month stay in the port city.

While docked in Benin, the volunteer crew onboard completed 1’957 surgeries, transforming the lives of 1’793 patients and their families.

As well as delivering direct medical interventions on the ground in Benin, Mercy Ships worked hard to equip local medical staff with the knowledge and facilities needed to continue Mercy Ships work after the ship left Cotonou. The Mercy Ships capacity building team trained and mentored 1’962 local health professionals in a variety of specialities.

Notre travail au Bénin en chiffres:

78 opérations orthopédiques
494 opérations maxillo-faciales
182 opérations plastique reconstructrice
451 opérations en chirurgie générale
676 opérations ophtalmiques
52 opérations gynécologiques

Mercy Ships a également fourni 16’489 traitements dentaires au Bénin.

Les formations et cours suivants ont été proposés à des professionnels de la santé guinéens:

• Essential pain management
• Essential surgical skills
• Primary Trauma Care
• Pediatric and obstetric anesthesia
• Neonatal resuscitation
• WHO Safe surgical checklist
• Anesthesia training

Mentoring has also been offered for the following professions:

• Surgeons in multiple specialities
• OR nurses
• Maxilofacial OR teams
• Anesthesia providers
• Clubfoot care with Ponseti method

Sustainable renovations

Two facilities – at the Centre de Sante de Zogbo and the Centre de Sante de Missessin – were renovated, to function as the Mercy Ships dental clinic and HOPE Centre. After the field service, these renovated facilities were returned to the local health suppliers.


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