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There are so many opportunities to serve on board the Africa Mercy and Global Mercy ! Find out what the numerous job opportunities are by clicking on “Find an opportunity”.

Please note that the availability for each position can vary depending on the current staffing need, the number of applications received for each position, the lentgh of commitment etc. When you apply, don’t hesitate to ask your volunteer coordinator for more information. If you wish to serve on short notice, consider filling an urgent need (check what they are below)!


Urgent needs

If you are willing to serve on short notice, and don’t mind helping out in departments that are not directly related to your field of expertise, check out the opportunities we have here below:

Africa Mercy: these positions are critical to guarantee our return to Senegal in January 2022!





Global Mercy: urgent!






Recruiting targets

Some positions on board are more difficult to fill than others or represent a specific need at a certain point. If you’re a qualified professional for any of the roles listed below, we’d love to have you on board!




During a regular shipyard, the Africa Mercy (and soon the Global Mercy) is mostly stationed at Las Palmas (Canary Islands) for maintenance and renovation work. During this period we are looking for several employees, so-called Project Assistants, to support our team of craftsmen in repairing and assembling interior fittings, etc. Shipyard period for the Africa Mercy usually takes place in the Summer (July/August) and the one for the Global Mercy will tentatively take place in the winter (November/December).

Shipyard is part of ship life, and it’s a very important stage to keep the ship up and running properly and being able to guarantee safe surgeries. If you can only help out for a few weeks at a time, consider applying for the “Project assistant” role. Whether you are a qualified craftsman or simply a handyman/woman, we definately need your help. Please note that the hospital is closed during shipyard and that the crew is much smaller. It’s a very different atsmosphere from our Field services, but it’s quite a fun experience as well!


What is our recruitment process?

Step 1


Go to, choose the position you are interested in, start with clicking on “Apply” and create an account. Provide as much information as possible up front, such as your English resume, diplomas and certifications. You can still edit your data afterwards. When you’re done, click on “Submit” to send your application.

Step 2

Application review

The Mercy Ships HR team based in Texas will review your application and contact you for further information. You may be required to complete an online interview to test your English level or a video conference interview for long-term positions. To keep track of communications and tasks, we recommend that you log into your account regularly.

Step 3

Waiting period

If service dates are not immediately available for the position you’ve applied for, Mercy Ships will pre-qualify you for the “Talent Community”, our network of qualified volunteers waiting for the next opportunity. The waiting time may extend over several months. During this time, you will be informed of any urgent needs, service opportunities and the latest news about the ship. Remain proactive by asking your volunteer coordinator for regular updates!


Step 4

Service dates confirmed

Once the service dates match your availability, you will receive a written confirmation with the preparatory steps. This includes a medical check-up, immunizations, references, internal training, confirmation of crew fees, etc. Your volunteer coordinator will guide you step by step to prepare you for your service on board. Your Swiss office is at your disposal at all times.


Step 5

Welcome on board!

This is the most exciting part of the process as you travel to the ship and walk up the gangway to discover your new living and working place! This is where you will actively participate in bringing hope and healing by offering your talents and skills. We wish you an unforgettable and rewarding experience. Thank you for your commitment!

Download our application guide

Recruitment process

Download our application guide that will take you through the application process step by step!

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