Have you ever imagined the impact you could make by joining a network of entrepreneurs who support humanitarian missions in Africa? The Mercy Ships Network offers you the opportunity to be a part of the entrepreneurs who are changing the world and bringing smiles to the faces of those in need.

Why join this network of entrepreneurs?

Mercy Ships Network is a network of meetings, exchanges and sharing between entrepreneurs who want to change the world and have a lasting impact on the African continent through concrete actions. This network is built around strong human values and entrepreneurs who are aware that their actions can make a difference on a daily basis. Entrepreneurs who are members of the network are invited to meetings and other events organized by Mercy Ships, with the goal of informing, promoting, and encouraging the actions of the association with the impoverished populations of Africa.

What is the mission of Mercy Ships Network?

Mercy Ships Network works in partnership with businesses to support Mercy Ships’ efforts to fund surgical programs, promote volunteerism, and provide visibility for its humanitarian mission. Danielle Harbaugh, Fundraiser, reminds us of the mission of Mercy Ships since its founding in Lausanne in 1978.

Testimony of a committed entrepreneur

Richard Haffter is the CEO of Metalcolor. The first entrepreneur of the Mercy Ships Network. 

What is the basic membership package?

The first 50 entrepreneurs who join the network are granted honorary membership in the Mercy Ships Network. This is a unique recognition of their involvement in building the network and a testament to their commitment to Mercy Ships. The Mercy Ships Network member page includes the company’s name and logo to highlight its commitment (it is also possible to not appear publicly on this page). All members have access to a selection of media (photos, videos, documents, etc.) via a dedicated application. Members can use these different resources to promote and enhance their involvement in the network, whether as part of their CSR policy or otherwise.

What opportunities are there to help Mercy Ships?

Membership in the Mercy Ships Network is an important way for us to continue our humanitarian missions to provide free medical care and surgery to impoverished populations in Africa. You may wish to support Mercy Ships without necessarily becoming a member of the network. You have several options: offer to volunteer your employees, talk about Mercy Ships’ mission within your company and your network, or financially support a humanitarian project.


Simply fill out the le form, indicating that you wish to join the network. Roland Décorvet, Mercy Ships Network manager, will contact you.
Membership costs CHF 4’500.- for 3 years (CHF 1’500.-/year). It provides membership in the Mercy Ships Network, and allows you to benefit from its advantages (meetings with entrepreneurs, conferences, communications, etc.)
Yes, and we recommend that you do so. It is an opportunity to showcase your involvement and demonstrate your commitment as an impact entrepreneur.
The payment of the membership fee results in a certificate from Mercy Ships, which can be used as a tax deduction within the limits set by the canton.

Our partners

The AmSpec Group has been relied upon in the testing, inspection, and certification (TIC) sector for several decades. As a trusted service provider, AmSpec continues to supply independent, accurate analysis and inspection on various commodities.


The mission of bj office & coffee is to support our clients in the creation and optimization of their spaces and for this, we offer our expertise to serve your projects.


Empowering entrepreneurs in technology startups and SMEs to develop their innovations while leveraging the benefits of intellectual property protection.


CIFER is the training center for network electricians in French-speaking Switzerland.


The Dynastic Orders of the Royal House of Savoy, supported by its own Association, take care of charitable and solidarity works in Italy and abroad, thanks to numerous delegations that support and promote their activities all over the world.


Ab Box stores furniture on a monthly and yearly basis with storage depots in Vaud, Fribourg and Valais.

logo baumann eggimann

Baumann + Eggimann AG is an innovative company and employs around 50 people. The strength lies in particular in the production of all kinds of doors, in the serial production of made-to-measure parts and veneers, and in the production of made-to-measure panels. Cutting, sanding and milling work as well as sanding and calibrating of surfaces are also part of our offer.

logo unico

When technology, automation and digitalization make our lives easier, long-term success is the result – or as we say: digital self-evidence.


Swiss Medical Network is a group of clinics, hospitals and medical centers in Switzerland. Located in three language regions, our facilities offer personalized medical services, high quality care and first-class services to all patients.

logo Aderco


logo Key investment services

Key Investment Services (KIS) SA is a high value-added service company for institutional investors, with a neutral and independent analysis and distribution structure. Thanks to our long-standing relationships with Swiss pension funds, we know their needs, expectations and obligations.

logo >moser

Welcome to >moser, an independent branding and graphic design agency based in Switzerland, in Lausanne and Geneva, specialized in the elaboration and development of brands, their discourse, as well as the expressions that translate them and reinforce their positioning.

logo Vertical access

Vertical Access Sàrl exists since 2009 and counts among its employees CFST safety engineers and HES architects. All rope access technicians working at height have obtained the SPRAT and/or IRATA certifications.

logo home partners

Home Partners Maçonnerie & Génie Civil S.A. is positioned as a competent, reliable and competitive partner to accompany you in the construction of your buildings, villas and other masonry works.

logo friderici

The reference for your transport, lifting and handling projects in Switzerland and abroad

logo metalcolor

Founded in 1981 in Forel near Lausanne in Switzerland, Metalcolor is specialized in the application of continuous paint on aluminum (Coil Coating).

logo aligro

ALIGRO is a Swiss family-owned and independent company, which opened the first wholesale market in the country in 1960. Today, it has more than 1000 employees and 14 sales outlets in the French and German-speaking parts of Switzerland, and offers a unique selection of foodstuffs at very attractive prices.

logo pi

As a Swiss family business, we have been active for more than 30 years in information technology, strategic support and IT management for companies.

Africa Mercy icon
"I applaud Mercy Ships in their efforts of transformational development as they make a lasting difference in a world of need. Mercy Ships has committed themselves to the vision of an African renaissance in their vision of bringing hope and healing to the continent of Africa. I salute the vision and mission of Mercy Ships and ask that you join me in supporting their noble work and contribute to make this world a better place."

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