Have you ever imagined the impact you could make by joining a network of entrepreneurs who support humanitarian missions in Africa? The Mercy Ships Network offers you the opportunity to be a part of the entrepreneurs who are changing the world and bringing smiles to the faces of those in need.

Why join this network of entrepreneurs?

Mercy Ships Network is a network of meetings, exchanges and sharing between entrepreneurs who want to change the world and impact the planet in a sustainable way, through concrete actions. This network is built around strong human values and entrepreneurs who are aware that their actions can make a difference in the day-to-day lives of those who really need it.

The entrepreneurs in the network are invited to conferences, meetings and other events organized by Mercy Ships to inform, promote and encourage the work of the organization in Africa’s impoverished populations.

What is the mission of Mercy Ships Network?

Mercy Ships Network supports the projects of Mercy Ships Switzerland through a variety of activities, including funding humanitarian missions in Africa and promoting volunteerism…

Claude Ziehli, head of Mercy Ships Network for French-speaking Switzerland, reminds us of the mission of Mercy Ships since its founding in Lausanne in 1978.

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What is the basic membership package?

The first 50 entrepreneurs who join the network receive a founding membership in the Mercy Ships Network. This is a unique recognition of their involvement in the formation of the network and a testament to their commitment to Mercy Ships.

A dedicated page on the Mercy Ships Switzerland website will be dedicated to Mercy Ships Network members, on which the name of the entrepreneur and their company logo will be displayed to highlight their commitment (you can of course indicate your wish not to appear publicly on this page).

All members have access to a selection of media (photos, videos, documents…) via a dedicated application, which is only accessible to Mercy Ships Network members.

Members can use these resources to promote and enhance their involvement in the network, whether as part of their CSR policy or otherwise.

Aider autrement - extra miles

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Testimony of a committed entrepreneur

Roland Decorvet is President of Mercy Ships Switzerland. But he likes to define
himself as an industrialist active in the food industry. He speaks with emotion about
his experience on board a Mercy Ships hospital ship, which changed him profoundly. And of his pleasure to see the Mercy Ships Network of entrepreneurs being born.

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Simply fill out the le form, indicating that you wish to join the network. Claude Ziehli, Mercy Ships Network manager, will contact you.

Membership costs CHF 4’500.- for 3 years (CHF 1’500.-/year). It provides
membership in the Mercy Ships Network, and allows you to benefit from its
advantages (meetings with entrepreneurs, conferences, communications, etc.)
Can I

Yes, and we recommend that you do so. It is an opportunity to showcase your
involvement and demonstrate your commitment as an impact entrepreneur.

The payment of the membership fee results in a certificate from Mercy Ships, which
can be used as a tax deduction within the limits set by the canton.


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Upcoming events of the Mercy Ships Network

Our partners

The MSC Foundation implements the MSC Group’s conservation, humanitarian and sustainable development commitments and has supported Mercy Ships with free global transportation of medical supplies since 2011.


Illutas IT management consulting provides support and practical advice on information technology, process and information management to Mercy Ships.


The Hirslanden Private Hospital Group consists of 17 hospitals, 4 outpatient practice centers, 16 radiology centers and four radiotherapy centers. This makes it the largest medical network in Switzerland. The partnership includes a volunteer service opportunity with Mercy Ships for Hirslanden employees, joint communication and other forms of support.


cometris supports companies and institutions like Mercy Ships in their internal and external communication. The agency does this so that clients are heard by their target groups and understood as desired.


Ardentis Cliniques Dentaires is a group of 13 dental clinics and one laboratory company in French-speaking Switzerland, offering comprehensive and multidisciplinary dental care. Ardentis and its more than 250 employees define their mission as follows: to make dental care more pleasant and innovative and to strive for excellence. Ardentis and Mercy Ships work together to support the Dental Programme of Mercy Ships in Africa. Each year, several Ardentis employees join the dental teams on our ships to serve the populations of our host countries.


With more than 40 years of experience, HSB Heizsysteme und Brenner AG is the heating technology partner that private households, SMEs and industrial clients can count on. We are delighted to welcome Mercy Ships to our business premises in Belp and to share our office space with them.


ALIGRO is a Swiss family-owned grocery store chain. They have supported Mercy Ships over more than 15 years with financial support.


The BRS Group is a diversified and dynamic global shipping services group offering a range of maritime activities to complement its core broking business. As well as Shipbroking and Yacht Brokerage, the Group’s activities include Marine Insurance, Freight Derivatives, Software Technology, Market Intelligence and Maritime Consulting.

Geistlich Pharma

Geistlich Pharma AG develops, manufactures and markets medical devices for restoring bone, cartilage and soft tissue, as well as drugs. Geistlich Pharma AG has been the world market leader in dentistry for many years.


Vertical Access specializes in construction work that is difficult to access, at height and rope.


The talented photographer Alexander Harbaugh generously offers his services to Mercy Ships Switzerland from time to time,, capturing the atmosphere of our events or taking colorful portraits of our staff.


Brocard Paysagiste maintains without remuneration the exterior of the Maison de Rovéréaz managed by Mercy Ships. It is a dynamic and motivated company that offers the creation and maintenance of terraces, paths, pavements, walls, fences, hedges, flowery spaces, etc.


Printing company Jordi AG is specialized in providing global solutions in the area of publications editing and communication. Jordi SA has been printing our newsletters for over 25 years and regularly offers us their support.


Formsache is specialized in professional office supply planning and provides services in the fields of interior design and color concepts. Form-sache AG created a decorative and design concept for the new offices of Mercy Ships in Belp, took over the coordination of the execution and carried out the on-site equipment.


Die Ordini Dinastici della Real Casa di Savoia engagieren sich seit jeher für karitative und solidarische Zwecke in Italien und im Ausland. Dies ist auch dank ihrer zahlreichen Delegationen möglich, die Aktivitäten in der ganzen Welt fördern.

Africa Mercy icon
"I applaud Mercy Ships in their efforts of transformational development as they make a lasting difference in a world of need. Mercy Ships has committed themselves to the vision of an African renaissance in their vision of bringing hope and healing to the continent of Africa. I salute the vision and mission of Mercy Ships and ask that you join me in supporting their noble work and contribute to make this world a better place."

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The Africa Mercy is back in Dakar

The Africa Mercy has returned as promised to Senegal. We will continue the surgical operations and training that were interrupted by the pandemic.

Arrival in Senegal

Next field service: Senegal

In early 2022, the Mercy Ships hospital ship, the Africa Mercy, will return to Dakar for a humanitarian field service in Senegal.