« Invest in projects that make sense » – Abel Demiéville

Abel Demiéville is the founder and director of AB Box SA, a self-storage company that exists since 2005. He is a committee member of an association that has been running humanitarian projects in northern India for over 20 years. He’s also one of the first members of the Mercy Ships Network, our association’s group of impact entrepreneurs.

Tell us about your company

AB Box SA is a self-storage company that recently celebrated its 18th anniversary. We offer storage solutions for individuals and companies, used by some 2’000 customers. Most of our customers need storage space for limited periods of time, such as when relocating. This means that we have daily activity going on in our 7 storage locations, spread over the cantons of Vaud, Valais and Fribourg. We also offer additional services, such as the rental of utility vehicles for example, as well as the purchase, sale and rental of maritime containers.

How did you hear about Mercy Ships?

That’s a tough question. I feel like I’ve known Mercy Ships forever. Even as a child, I heard about the Anastasis, the first Mercy Ships hospital ship. A few years ago, I came with my wife and oldest daughter to an open house. And my daughter was immediately excited about the concept of the association. She told us that she was thinking of going on a humanitarian mission when she finished her apprenticeship.

What was your first impression when you discovered this association?

I remember being very impressed by the seriousness, the commitment and the professionalism of the association. I like projects to be well organized… probably because I am a business owner. I had the opportunity to visit one of the association’s ships, and it was there that I became aware of all the preparatory work that is necessary for a humanitarian mission to run as smoothly as possible. And of the extraordinary impact of the actions carried out by the crew during the mission and even once the mission is over.

What made you want to support this association?

The long-term vision and the clarity of the mission. As a business owner, I am committed to investing in projects that make sense. And I know that our financial support to Mercy Ships has a real impact on the vulnerable in Africa.

What does the Mercy Ships Network mean to you?

We all have a stake in being attentive to one another and sharing our experiences to enrich each other.This network is an opportunity to meet entrepreneurs who want to change the world, who are working for a good cause. Generosity is one of the values I defend, and with a part of the profits generated by my company, I can contribute to making the world a better place.

What would you say to an entrepreneur who is hesitating to join the network?

Not to hesitate. Sharing is what makes us stronger and brings value to everyone. It is by working with other people, other entrepreneurs, learning from the successes and mistakes of others that we can chart our own course.

Any final words to share with us?

I am delighted to support Mercy Ships and to be a member of the Mercy Ships Network of impact entrepreneurs. There are great experiences to be had with and through this organization and I look forward to continuing the adventure

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Claude Ziehli
Claude Ziehli
Claude is a corporate fundraiser and handles corporate relations, including the Mercy Ships Network. He also manages fundraising and relations with foundations.

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