Valentin, Vice-President AmSpec, member of Mercy Ships Network

Interview with Valentin, Vice-President AmSpec, member of Mercy Ships Network

From the first time Valentin Rossel heard of Mercy Ships to his active role in the Mercy Ships Network, links have been forged between professional networking and humanitarian commitment.

"More than 10 years ago, a colleague came to see me and enthusiastically told me that Mercy Ships was organizing a Cargo Day, and that it would be a great opportunity for us to find out more about taking part.”

Being familiar with the shipping industry, as it is part of his business, Valentin Rossel naturally saw an obvious link between his company’s activity and the Mercy Ships association. 

An experience on one of the hospital ships was the catalyst for your involvement.

Valentin, could you tell us how your link with Mercy Ships came about?

Almost 5 years ago, I had the opportunity to meet the director of Mercy Ships France, who invited me to the inauguration of one of the two hospital ships, which was in Rotterdam at the time.

I was able to accompany him and spend an absolutely incredible day on board. This made me want to participate in my own way in the Mercy Ships adventure, which is an admirable humanitarian work.

So, first of all, I became interested from a personal point of view.

Then I asked myself how AmSpec could participate in a different way, using our network of customers. The company is already aware of the shipping side of things, as some of our staff are involved in chartering ships. In Geneva, chartering is a small world. The question was how AmSpec could contribute to efforts in promoting Mercy Ships worldwide.

Tell us more about AmSpec

Geneva-based AmSpec provides quality control for agricultural goods in transit worldwide. Founded 35 years ago, AmSpec began its activities in the inspection of petroleum and chemical products. Our group diversified into the agricultural industry 6 years ago. We currently employ 700 people dedicated to quality control in more than 30 producing and receiving countries, who buy these cereals and agricultural materials to feed their populations.


Our profession is a rich source of human and professional fulfillment.

Mercy Ships Network: the professional network committed to a better future!

Valentin, what makes joining the Mercy Ships Network so inspiring?

Since 202X, AmSpec has been part of the Mercy Ships Network, and we’ve noticed that the members of this network of entrepreneurs share common values and seek to associate their professional lives with humanitarian action that makes sense. Helping the poorest people in Africa.

Who is the Mercy Ships Network for?

The Mercy Ships Network is much more than just a professional network. It’s an ecosystem where human values and business meet to create a positive impact.

The Mercy Ships Network is a professional network for all entrepreneurs and business owners. Its member directors want to help people in need and share the material ease and comfort they currently enjoy.

What is the advantage of being part of the Mercy Ships Network?

At Mercy Ships events, we meet new and sometimes surprising people. These networking events are professionally organized around conferences, speeches and sometimes performances. I’ve met people who have given me a new perspective on life, inspiring me in different ways.

Networking that really pays off.

We come into contact with people we never imagined we’d meet. The Mercy Ships network is a win-win situation. It allows us to meet people who are useful to our business, while supporting a cause close to our hearts. In the shipping trading industry, where word-of-mouth is crucial, the Mercy Ships Network plays a vital role in facilitating networking and broadening our knowledge. It’s a place to share our experiences, our working methods and our vision of humanitarian aid.

Could you tell us a few words about Mercy Ships?

Mercy Ships was created from the dream of its founder, whom I had the honor of meeting.

His vision? To transform old ships into hospital ships, giving the poorest people in Africa free access to cutting-edge medical technology. His conviction, determination and perseverance have made Mercy Ships what it is today.

Mercy Ships has reached a historic milestone with two hospital ships in service simultaneously. These two hospital ships are the largest civilian ships in the world, something we are proud of.

Currently, both ships are in operation, with the latest custom-designed to meet specific medical needs. They are on mission along the coast of Africa, offering advanced medical care free of charge to the most destitute populations, providing medical care on a par with that offered in Europe.

It’s an incredible organization that does work you can’t even imagine.

Our aim is to save as many lives as possible, to give hope to those who have lost it.

Why join the Mercy Ships Network?

I encourage you to take a look at what Mercy Ships does, and more specifically at what the Mercy Ships Network does. It’s a very rewarding and interesting networking platform.

It’s a network of entrepreneurs that adds another dimension to your work.

You won’t regret it!

The Mercy Ships Network is also attractive for recruiting our future talent.

I use the network to motivate my employees. The new generation is looking for meaning in their work. Younger generations don’t just want to work to get rich, they want to work for a company that will leave a positive mark behind.

Join the Mercy Ships Network today! I look forward to meeting you!

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