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Mission-driven companies, social and environmental responsibility (SER), environmental, societal and governance criteria (ESG)… are you also confused by these different names? It doesn’t matter, because what matters in the end is the idea behind these different names. And that idea is to do good. To help make the world a better place. And that is exactly what has guided our steps at Mercy Ships for over 40 years. 

Today, through our Mercy Ships Network, we are strengthening our efforts to make the world a better place by bringing together impact entrepreneurs. Why do we call them impact entrepreneurs? Simply because their financial support has a real, direct and tangible impact on the lives of hundreds of people in need of basic medical care, dental treatment and surgery.  

The 3 advantages of a network of impact entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurs who join our network know that the few thousand francs that constitute the contribution (1’500 francs per year, over 3 years) can make a real difference in the lives of the poorest populations in Africa. It is a gesture of the heart, which can have a much wider impact than expected. What are they? We have identified three main ones. 

A differentiation on the market

Imagine: you visit two company websites that offer the same services at similar prices. As a future customer, it’s hard to make a choice. Especially since both companies have good reviews on the Internet, with both having positive reviews from former customers. Then, while browsing a little more on their websites, you realize that one of the two companies supports a humanitarian association. Intrigued, you find out more about this organization, and you discover… yes, that’s right, you discover Mercy Ships!


This story is fiction, but it could happen in the near future for your company. What we mean here is, you guessed it, that joining a network of impact entrepreneurs has the power to impact your company’s brand. And sometimes all it takes is a few lines in a strategic place on your website, your LinkedIn profile or any other communication medium to make a difference.

An ability to attract new talent

Another unexpected benefit is the ability to attract new talent that is sensitive to social issues. More and more employees are showing their preference for companies that publicly display their social commitments and demonstrate their concrete actions.


The uncertainties in which the world is plunged, whether it be pandemics as we have recently experienced, or the various wars that are shaking the planet, have contributed to reinforcing the desire, for a growing number of people, to give more meaning to their lives and their actions. This includes selecting the companies they want to work for. 

Meaning for employees

The corollary effect: a reinforced commitment and motivation of the employees within your company. What could be more motivating than working for a company when you know that part of the profits will be used to save lives? Here again, more and more people are interested in working in a meaningful work environment.


As you can see, joining a network of impact entrepreneurs is not only an opportunity to make the world a better place, but also to contribute to the development and visibility of your company. And we’re not even talking about the business relationships you can build within the network and the emulation of working with entrepreneurs who share the same vision of the world as you…

Would you like to join our network of impact entrepreneurs?

It’s very simple:  just contact us. We will inform you of the requirements to become a member of the Mercy Ships Network.

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Claude is a corporate fundraiser and handles corporate relations, including the Mercy Ships Network. He also manages fundraising and relations with foundations.

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