ALPHAVISION - Fenster zum Sonntag on SRF

Swiss TV SRF program "Spitalschiff - operieren auf See" highlights the new hospital ship of Mercy Ships.

Mercy Ships on Swiss TV

An exciting weekend lies behind us as the program “Spitalschiff – operieren auf See” (“Hospital Ship – Surgery at Sea”) was broadcasted on Saturday and Sunday, June 10th and 11th, on SRF 1, SRF 2, and SRF Info. In this excellent documentary by ALPHAVISION, viewers were able to witness captivating, impressive, and personal moments from life on board the hospital ship, as well as the work of Mercy Ships in Switzerland.

Journalist Lukas Eggenberg embarked on the Global Mercy hospital ship in Dakar in April, accompanied by cameraman Clemens Wolfsperger. For the ALPHAVISION journalist, this was his fifth report on the African continent, but immersing himself in this special world was still a unique experience for him. He encountered people who face a daily struggle for survival and recognized the enormous significance of Mercy Ships’ work.

Two aspects particularly impressed the journalist: firstly, he met children with severe burns who were helped through elaborate surgeries on the hospital ship. The life-changing work done for these children left a deep impression on Eggenberg. Secondly, he was fascinated by the fact that 600 people from 50 different nations were dedicating themselves to others on the ship. This diversity and the sense of purpose on the hospital ship left a lasting impact on Eggenberg.

Mercy Ships on “Fenster zum Sonntag” for the second time

The program series “Fenster zum Sonntag” consists of a magazine with various documentaries and a talk show. Both formats address topics in the areas of society, religion, and the church. As a project of Christians from free churches, state churches, and the Evangelical Alliance, “Fenster zum Sonntag” appeals to people interested in discussing current social and societal issues from a Christian-ethical perspective.

In 2015, René Lehmann, the CEO of Mercy Ships Switzerland, was interviewed in the “Fenster zum Sonntag Talk“.

Be a part of Mercy Ships

If you are interested in the work of Mercy Ships and would like to learn more about it, feel free to watch the complete program “Hospital Ship – Surgery at Sea” on the SRF website!

Experience firsthand how Mercy Ships improves medical care in developing countries and changes the lives of thousands of people. Dive into the world of the hospital ship “Global Mercy” and discover the stories of children and adults who regain their quality of life through the surgeries and treatments on board.

If you have been inspired by the stories and impressions of the program, there are many ways you can support Mercy Ships. Visit our website to learn more about our work and the various support options available. Whether you volunteer, make a donation, or spread the message of Mercy Ships, every support is valuable and helps change people’s lives.

Be part of this moving mission and let yourself be inspired by the work of Mercy Ships!

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