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You’re boarding the Africa Mercy and, soon, the Global Mercy, two of the largest civilian hospital ships in the world, for a volunteer experience abroad. Destination: the continent of Africa. On board are dozens of volunteers who, like you, are giving their time to help Africa’s most needy people.If this call to adventure speaks to you, if you’d like to put your skills at the disposal of a humanitarian project that makes sense, then we undoubtedly have a place for you within the crew.

Volunteering abroad, an incredible adventure
Every year, more than 1,200 volunteers from some 60 nations walk the gangways and deck of the Africa Mercy hospital ship. Their mission: to help African populations in need of medical care.
In order to help these people in difficult situations, we offer volunteer places, particularly in the medical field: surgeons, dental assistants, nurses, laboratory technicians, doctors, radiologists…
But not only that! A good proportion of our jobs are not directly related to medical care. Quite simply because, in order to keep the many teams of volunteers alive and to manage the care in the best way possible, we also need cooks, electricians, receptionists, plumbers, engineers, teachers, computer specialists, accountants, photographers, and many other talents!

Volunteer places for everyone
The strength of our volunteer teams lies in the way they complement one another. It is a melting pot of genders, ages, nationalities, abilities and expertise. This mix is an opportunity. An opportunity to meet people who come from the other side of the world. To talk to people with unusual backgrounds and profiles. And to have unforgettable experiences.

Students, workers, retirees: discover the available places and the conditions of application to join the crew of the Africa Mercy hospital ship and experience an extraordinary volunteer adventure abroad!

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More questions Jessica and Janina, Recruitment Team - Switzerland

"Volunteering with Mercy Ships will not only change the lives of those you serve, it will change you. You will experience different cultures, different environments and simply be amazed by it all. We can only encourage you to take this next step. Enjoy the journey!"

Contact us: [email protected]

Jessica and Janina, Recruitment Team - Switzerland