Find your place on board!

The Africa Mercy is home for professionals who are offering a wide range of skills, in both the medical and non-medical fields.

We are looking for people from a wide range of professional backgrounds, whether in Technical such as Electricians, Plumbers or Engineers, Medical such as Surgeons, Dental assistants or LabTechs, or General services such as Galley staff, Hospitality staff or Receptionists!

Find out about the different positions offered online and what conditions and skills are required.

Whether you are a student, young adult, retiree or a qualified professional there is an opportunity for you!

Contact us now Jen Epp - Senior Support specialist - 2019
“It’s a joy to use my technology skills to help people. In addition to patients and training participants, we have two local day crew in our department who we trained to hopefully increase their career opportunities after the Africa Mercy departs.”
Jen Epp - Senior Support specialist - 2019