Global Mercy virtual experience

Are you ready to experience History in the making?

During the Global Mercy’s stop in Rotterdam, onboard tours allowed more than 11,000 participants to learn about the lifesaving work of Mercy Ships in Africa. This was a wonderful opportunity for us to find new volunteers and donors during this crucial development phase for our organization.

Due to the limitations of Covid-19, we were well aware that public interest might outstrip our capacity to accommodate. For this reason, virtual tours were also set up in order to give as many people as possible the opportunity to participate… even from their couch!

You couldn’t come to Rotterdam? Join the many “virtual participants” who took part in the virtual experience on their tablet or computer.

We propose the visit in two forms, for a similar content

Enjoy the tour!

Global Mercy traverse le canal de Suez

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René Progin
René Progin
René is Communication and Media Manager for Mercy Ships Switzerland.

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