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Together with you, we performed 3'295 surgeries!

Mercy Ships Celebrates Lasting Impact in 2023

In 2023, Mercy Ships conducted 3’295 surgical interventions, of which 1’437 took place aboard the Global Mercy in Senegal and Sierra Leone. We thank you for being at our side!

2023: access to surgery and volunteer impact

Mercy Ships’ ability to provide free surgical care and training in partnership with host countries relies heavily on the dedication of volunteer professionals. These volunteers play a pivotal role in the organization’s mission, addressing complex medical cases and instilling genuine hope in patients. Dr. Buckingham underscores the profound impact of these interventions, particularly among children with severe malformations.

Expanding Humanitarian Reach Across 8 Nations in 2023

In 2023, Mercy Ships extended its reach to 8 countries, conducting a total of 3,295 surgical interventions benefiting 2,953 patients. Additionally, the organization provided nutritional agriculture training to 93 farmers and trained 56 aspiring dentists. Through mentorship and training initiatives, Mercy Ships fostered stronger partnerships with local medical professionals and African governments.

Driving Sustainable Change: Empowering Healthcare Professionals

The dedication of Mercy Ships volunteers in 2023 translated into 94,076 hours spent training 1,297 healthcare professionals. Dr. Mohamed Sabounji, a product of Dr. Buckingham’s mentorship, serves as a testament to the organization’s vision of equipping skilled professionals to ensure enduring healthcare solutions.

Tackling Current Challenges and Setting Ambitious Goals for 2024

With nearly 5 billion people worldwide lacking access to safe surgical care, including 1.7 billion children, the need for intervention is urgent, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. In response, Mercy Ships is ramping up efforts in 2024 to bridge gaps in surgical, obstetric, and anesthesia care while prioritizing the training of local healthcare providers.

Urgent Call for Volunteers to Make an Impact in 2024

To meet the demands of the upcoming year, Mercy Ships is issuing a call to action for dedicated volunteers. Vital roles across healthcare, IT, culinary services, education, plumbing, and electrical work await passionate individuals. Through the “Training, Teaching, and Mobilization” initiative, the organization aims to bolster the ranks of surgical providers and establish sustainable educational programs in collaboration with host nations.

As Mercy Ships continues its mission of transforming lives through surgical care and capacity-building, the prospects for 2024 are bright, promising enduring advancements in African healthcare.

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