147'181 km²

Poverty rate

38% of the population lives under the poverty line of $2 per day

UN Development Index

Rank: 164 out of 188




approximately 39 languages, including French, Wolof, Pulaar and Serer

Physicians per million inhabitants

70 (in Switzerland: 4'200)

The Africa Mercy is back in Senegal! During the Africa Mercy’s 10-month stay in the port of Dakar, Republic of Senegal, Mercy Ships plans to provide 680 to 900 life-changing surgeries onboard, as well as providing healthcare training to 530 to 700 local healthcare professionals through mentoring and courses.

2019-2020, the hospital ship completed an 8-month humanitarian field service in Senegal. The pandemic forced its early departure from the port of Dakar. But still, Mercy Ships was able to provide 1’407 life-changing surgeries onboard, to treat over 5’591 at a land-based dental clinic as well as providing healthcare training to 1’286 local medical professionals. All of this has been provided at no cost to the recipients and will help to improve the healthcare provision in Senegal long after the ship leaves port.

Senegal is one of the most politically stable countries in West Africa and has a steadily improving economy. However, despite this, the country still ranks 164 on the UN’s Human Development Index and in sub-Saharan Africa over 93% of the population do not have access to safe, affordable surgery.

Among the challenges faced by the 14 million residents of Senegal are malaria, widespread poverty and a high child mortality rate.

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