Renovation of Facilities in Developing Nations

Hospitals and clinics in developing nations commonly fall short of the need. Years of war have often destroyed buildings, and ageing infrastructure is unable to meet the burgeoning need.


Rénovations d’infrastructures médicales

Improved Access to Healthcare

Most of the time, healthcare is inaccessible for those who are living in developing countries. For some, the cost of receiving healthcare is too high, while for others hospitals are too far away or simply not available. In many developing countries, hospitals have limited access to water and electricity, and suffer from broken septic and waste management systems. These issues hamperproper hygienic care. By renovating and equipping hospitals alongside Mercy Ships training projects, Mercy Ships can improve healthcare in Africa.



  • The risk of a child dying before completing five years of age is still highest in Africa (90 per 1,000 live births), about 7 times higher than Europe (12 per 1,000 live births). (Source: WHO)
  • An estimated 85% of children in low-income countries will require surgical treatment of a condition by the age of 15. (Source: NCBI Bickler SW, Telfer ML, Sanno-Duanda B.)
  • 33 million individuals face catastrophic health expenditure due to payment for surgery and anaesthesia each year. (Source: Lancet Commission)
  • Estimated cost of inaction to address surgical need in the next 15 years is $12.3 trillion dollars, reducing annual GDP as much as 2% in low-and-middle-income countries. (Source: Lancet Commission)
  • Sub-Saharan Africa needs an additional 40,949,235 surgeries per year to save lives and prevent disability. (Source: Lancet Commission).

Better surgical healthcare through renovation projects

In health systems lacking resources, Mercy Ships helps turn vision into reality. Together with local leaders, governments and the national ministries of health, development teams assess healthcare needs and design projects that support the surgical ecosystem in a partner hospital. Current and future projects focus on developing support for medial infrastructure like hospitals and clinics.

clinique ophtalmique apres

Medical Projects

Our main goal is to see improvement in local heathcare infrastructure and increased access to healthcare. Mercy Ships has supported various medical projects such as the construction or renovation of:

  • hospital surgical wards
  • clinic facilities and equipment for service
  • new maternity units to reduce child mortality and improve maternal health
  • operating rooms


The renovation of departments within local hospitals enhances the effectiveness of our training projects for local medical professionals.


Water and Sanitation Projects

Our focus is on ensuring healthcare facilities have appropriate water and sanitation services sufficient to ensure the delivery of proper healthcare. In support of that aim, we may renovate the water and sanitation systems within a partner hospital.


Mercy Ships Medical capacity building programs


Medical infrastructure renovations

Together with local leaders, governments and the national ministries of health, development teams assess healthcare needs in local hospitals and design and implement renovation projects.

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