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Global Mercy virtual experience

Join the many "virtual participants" who took part in the virtual experience on their tablet or computer.

The Africa Mercy is back in Dakar

The Africa Mercy has returned as promised to Senegal. We will continue the surgical operations and training that were interrupted by the pandemic.

MSC Group and Mercy Ships Celebrate 10 Years of Partnership

End-to-end support by MSC, from container shipping to logistics, fundraising and maritime expertise, have maximised hospital ships’ life-changing impact for thousands of people.

Next field service: Senegal

In early 2022, the Mercy Ships hospital ship, the Africa Mercy, will return to Dakar for a humanitarian field service in Senegal.

Surgical care in Africa: historic events in Dakar

Medical experts and health ministers from 29 African countries together to improve surgical care in Africa.

The Global Mercy on its way to Europe

After a short visit in Malta, the Global Mercy will dock in the port of Antwerp on September 12, where the hospital will be fully equipped.​