A promise kept!

The humanitarian organization Mercy Ships will resume surgical interventions in Senegal.

The Africa Mercy is back in Dakar

We are excited and pleased to announce that our hospital ship, the Africa Mercy, has returned as promised to Senegal. We will continue the surgical operations and training that were interrupted in March 2020 by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The ship’s presence is expected to last until November 2022.

The Minister of Health and Social Action presided over the arrival ceremony and welcomed the return of the hospital ship to contribute to the State’s efforts to strengthen the provision of surgical services.

Human beings are at the heart of development, and it is imperative that they enjoy a better state of health for their full development and for their contribution to the development of our country. Therefore, the interventions of the Mercy Ships are an opportunity to achieve this goal, thus complementing the many efforts made by the State. To this end, I renew my confidence in all the members of the ship’s crew. I am convinced that the quality of human resources involved in this cooperation will enable us to give back hope,” stated M. Abdoulaye Diouf SARR, Minister of Health and Social Action,” stated M. Abdoulaye Diouf SARR, Minister of Health and Social Action.

Hand in hand with local medical authorities

Between October 2021 and January 2022, the Mercy Ships patient selection team visited all 14 regions of Senegal. With the participation of the Chief Medical Officers of these regions, more than 900 patients have been selected for consultation with a surgeon with the hope to provide free surgery. Mercy Ships wishes to honor its promises to the people of Senegal and priority has been given to patients already identified in 2019/20 by the Chief Medical Officers of each region. The selection of patients is now closed. At the same time, nearly 750 health care providers will receive medical training in various specialties.

Mercy Ships has worked with the Ministry of Health and Social Action to develop protocols that ensure all activities are undertaken as safely as possible. These protocols are aligned with those in place in Senegal and Mercy Ships emphasizes that the plans may require further modification in response to the global and local coronavirus situation and will be updated regularly.

Cost-free care and medical training in Senegal

Thanks to donations from partner organisations and individuals, shipboard consultations, surgery, training and mentoring are provided free of charge to local patients and professionals.

“Although Mercy Ships has never really left Senegal, it is an honour and a blessing to return in 2022. This return would not be possible without the partnership of the Senegalese government, which has continued to walk closely with us through a difficult season. On behalf of Mercy Ships, I would like to extend a special thank you to President Macky SALL for his friendship and support, which has enabled us to once again bring hope and healing to Senegal,” said Gert van der Weerdhof, CEO of Mercy Ships.

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