Together we are Mercy Ships!

Together we are Mercy Ships!

When the world feels uncertain, we look for the good. When we realize that healthcare systems are fragile, we look for security. When we feel that our health is at risk, we look for the helpers. April 7 is World Health Day — a day set aside by the World Health Organization (WHO) to focus on the impact quality medical care has on the world around us. This year’s theme focuses on two healthcare professions essential to the work we do: nurses and midwives, who spend their lives providing vital health services with consistent love and service.

For over 40 years, Mercy Ships has been providing safe and free surgery to the world’s forgotten poor and transforming their lives. Healthcare professionals onboard our hospital ships have served in more than 50 countries. And today, in the midst of all of this stress and uncertainty, our healthcare workers are doing everything they can to take care of others. We want to take a moment to lift them up.

We often talk about how lives have been transformed onboard our ships. Those transformations are dependent on many processes, but the role our healthcare professionals serve is priceless.

In times of uncertainty, we look for the good. When healthcare systems are fragile, we look for security. When our health is at risk, we look for the helpers. While acknowledging uncertainty, fragility or risk, we also believe in HOPE. We’re not alone. Together we love, together we give, together we care, together we grow, together we celebrate. Thank you for your ongoing support, your prayers, and for your generous hearts. We look forward to reaching even more people in need and increasing medical capacity worldwide in the coming years. Together we are Mercy Ships!

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René Progin
René Progin
René is Communication and Media Manager for Mercy Ships Switzerland.

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