Mercy Ships Cargo Day 2017

Mercy Ships Cargo Day

The shipping and trading community raises funds for our non-governmental organisation. Who: Charterers, shipowners and shipbrokers, port agents, inspection companies can participate. How: On 4th October 2017, Charterers give or commit cargoes (called Mercy Cargoes) to participants (shipbrokers) or nominate participants (port agents and inspection companies). Shipbrokers, port agents and inspection companies donate 50% of […]

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Mercy Ships arrive in Cameroon

First field service in Cameroon

The Africa Mercy arrived in Cameroon in mid-August and anchored in the port city of Douala. Surgery on board our hospital ship began on September 4th. This is our first field service in Cameroon: we are so excited to bring hope and healing for many children and adults, through surgical care! Mercy Ships plans to […]

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