Mercy Ships Network is a network of entrepreneurs who support Mercy Ships' humanitarian work with the poor in Africa. Your involvement can change lives. Join us!

More than 5 billion people around the world lack access to essential health care. This situation is not inevitable. We can make a difference and save lives by providing health care to the world’s poor and by working with governments in affected countries to build the necessary medical infrastructure.

This is what Mercy Ships has been doing since 1978. We deploy the world’s largest civilian hospital ships to provide health care and surgery in Africa. Each year, more than 2,500 surgeries and 8,000 dental treatments are provided to those most in need.

As it was the case for Kadidja.

The Mercy Ships Network

The entrepreneurs support the humanitarian missions and activities of Mercy Ships. The Network brings together entrepreneurs who want to change the world and have a lasting impact on the African continent through concrete actions. This network is built around strong human values and entrepreneurs who are aware that their actions truly make a difference on a daily basis.

Like Richard Hafter, a committed entrepreneur.

Together we can make a difference. Join us today to help change the world and save lives.

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Some figures about Mercy Ships

+1’550 active volunteers each year

100% funded
by private donors

+105’000 free surgeries performed since 1978

"I applaud Mercy Ships in their efforts of transformational development as they make a lasting difference in a world of need. Mercy Ships has committed themselves to the vision of an African renaissance in their vision of bringing hope and healing to the continent of Africa. I salute the vision and mission of Mercy Ships and ask that you join me in supporting their noble work and contribute to make this world a better place."

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