At your service!

Our team in Switzerland supports the work of Mercy Ships in Africa by ensuring:

  • recruitment and support of volunteers for the hospital ship
  • fundraising, so that operations and training on board can be completely free of charge
  • programmatic support and project monitoring
  • visibility in the Swiss media
  • relations with our partners in Switzerland

The organization’s humanitarian activities are supported by an international organization with an operational centre, a global office, and 16 national offices.

  • René Lehmann


  • Christophe Baer

    Donors Relations
    (Western Switzerland)

  • Danielle Harbaugh

    Companies & Foundations
    (Western Switzerland)

  • Martin Humm

    Companies & Foundations
    (Germanspeaking Switzerland)

  • Noëmie Jaffrain

    Events Coordination

  • Ursula Seifried Jordi

    Donors Relations
    (Germanspeaking Switzerland)

  • Joël Köhli


  • Andrea Moser


  • René Progin

    Communication, Public and Media Relations

  • Myriam Schaffter

    Partner Relations and Project Coordination

  • Jonathan Ziehli

    Project coordination