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Mercy Ships is a story that is worth sharing! Thousands of transformed lives through free-of-cost surgeries are an empowering message of hope.

While Mercy Ships takes care of the poorest in the world, we invite you to give a voice to those who can’t speak for themselves. Find on this page articles and coverage about Mercy Ships, and elements to speak of our work.


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      Mercy Ships transforms lives, and we love to tell their stories. Every two months, our donors receive a newsletter filled with wonderful stories of transformed lives: stories of hope, of restored dignity and of healing.

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      All the images on this website, and those that can be downloaded here, are property of Mercy Ships. They can be used for promotion or communication about Mercy Ships.

      The Africa Mercy, the largest civilian hospital ship in the world.
      Fifalina's legs were straightened thanks to free-of-charge surgery on board the Africa Mercy.
      Sasiline received a free-of-charge surgery on board the Africa Mercy.
      Mercy Ships - hospital ships for the poor
      Mercy Ships brings hope and healing
      Mercy Ships - hospital renovations in Africa

      Mercy Ships in media

      Discover Swiss articles and reports about Mercy Ships.

      RTS La Première

      Tout un Monde (French)

      Interview with Pierre Christ, Government Liaison on the Africa Mercy.

      May 10th 2017

      RTS UN

      Mise au Point (French)

      Mise au Point (Swiss French-speaking channel RTS1), follows Roland Decorvet, former CEO of Nestlé China, as he embarks with his family for one year on the Africa Mercy, as executive director.

      February 1st 2015

      France 24

      Elément Terre (French)

      Report by France 24, while the Africa Mercy was docked in Congo-Brazzaville.