Mercy Ships, the most beautiful “cruise” in the world!

Published on : 8 May 2017

Mercy Ships Switzerland proudly presents the most beautiful cruise in the world: for a patient in Africa, a stay on our hospital ship is better than any wonderful cruise! 25-. CHF = 1 night on board the ship for a patient!

What is the most beautiful cruise in the World?

If you ask one of the thousands of patients who received care and surgery on board the Africa Mercy, the answer is clear! To stay on our hospital ship is one of the best experiences of their life: not only are they cured of their injuries, deformities or health issues, their hope is restored as well. They can leave the ship knowing they will be able to work, to live independently and to care for themselves.


Successful new promotional action

Like every cruise, hotel or even hospital, a stay on board equals expenses. With our new promotional campaign, we give everyone the opportunity to offer overstay nights to our patients!

On September 18, we launched the new campaign with the support and partnership of, a Swiss “best deals” website. In 12 hours, the QoQa team was able to collect 2’200 overstay nights for the patients of Mercy Ships!

We now have a new website to promote this action: on (available only in French and German), anyone can make a donation to offer our patients a night on board the Africa Mercy.

We invite you to share this homepage to your friends and families, per email or on social networks! Every bit helps to keep our ship afloat, and we are grateful for your support!