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Africa Mercy en mer

Introduction to Mercy Ships weekend

To learn more about Mercy Ships and life aboard the ship, the Mercy Ships Introductory Course (IMS) offers a 3-day program over a long weekend, on a barge in the Netherlands. The next IMS course will be held in 2018: April 6, 7, and 8. Topics include an introduction to Mercy Ships, transitioning, questions about […]

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Mercy Ships Cargo Day 2017

Mercy Ships Cargo Day

The shipping and trading community raises funds for our non-governmental organisation. Who: Charterers, shipowners and shipbrokers, port agents, inspection companies can participate. How: On 4th October 2017, Charterers give or commit cargoes (called Mercy Cargoes) to participants (shipbrokers) or nominate participants (port agents and inspection companies). Shipbrokers, port agents and inspection companies donate 50% of […]

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Mercy Ships arrive in Cameroon

First field service in Cameroon

The Africa Mercy arrived in Cameroun in mid-August and anchored in the port city of Douala. Surgery on board our hospital ship began on September 4th. This is our first field service in Cameroon: we are so excited to bring hope and healing for many children and adults, through surgical care! Mercy Ships plans to […]

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Mercy Ships at Polo Gstaad

Mercy Ships has a booth at the GSTAAD POLO GOLD CUP, on August 17 &19-20, 2017! Come to beautiful Gstaad and see the Polo Players and their ponies exhibit their incredible talents. Come and stroll through the elegant Polo Village and pay us a visit at the Mercy Ships booth. We invite visitors to participate at […]

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Africa Mercy in dry dock

Each year the Africa Mercy goes into a shipyard for much needed maintenance. Thanks to skilled volunteers who come and help specifically in this important phase, we are able to make the repairs needed to continue transforming lives and nations, year after year. This year again, our technical crew works incredibly hard to get the […]

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RelaxInc Soutien 2016

Thank you RelaxInc!

Thank you to RelaxInc and their clients for their support !

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Die schönste Kreuzfahrt der Welt

Mercy Ships, the most beautiful “cruise” in the world!

Mercy Ships Switzerland proudly presents the most beautiful cruise in the world: for a patient in Africa, a stay on our hospital ship is better than any wonderful cruise! 25-. CHF = 1 night on board the ship for a patient! What is the most beautiful cruise in the World? If you ask one of […]

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