5 million people do not have sufficient access to essential surgery.

Every act counts to make a difference!

Together: with our volunteers, partner companies, and you!

Tax deductibility

Mercy Ships Switzerland is recognised in Switzerland as a charitable organisation and exempt from taxes. Moreover, donations are tax deductible in all parts of Switzerland, according to the law of each Canton and to the limits established.

You can help to make a difference!

There are many ways to support Mercy Ships’ work: donations, volunteering, fundraising efforts and events, or just telling those around you about Mercy Ships. Your support helps us save lives and improve conditions for the poorest in developing countries.

  • Companies

    Mercy Ships works hand in hand with many companies and foundations, in Switzerland and all around the world. By partnering with Mercy Ships, your company can make a real difference in the lives of the world’s poorest people.

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  • Legacies (Wills)

    By thinking of Mercy Ships when drafting your will, you can transform lives in the future.
    Your legacy can allow our patients to see, walk or smile for the first time! A legacy has the potential to transform many lives.

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  • Special occasions

    Birthdays, family celebrations or baptisms are joyful life stages. Take advantage of these opportunities to share some joy and offer something to the world’s forgotten poor. You can, for example, dedicate a collective donation to a specific project.

  • Foundations and trusts

    Mercy Ships welcomes the opportunity to partner with charitable trusts and major donors to provide long term sustainable development for disadvantaged individuals and communities in some of the world’s poorest countries.

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  • Clubs and churches

    People dedicated to Mercy Ships can give a talk at your club or church. Many on the Speakers Network are ex-crew members and have first-hand knowledge and stories of life on a Mercy ship.

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  • Schools

    The lack of access to surgical care in the world is still an unknown issue. Educate your students by inviting one of our collaborators to present that issue and Mercy Ships’ answers. You can also organise a fundraising project with your students.

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Your company and Mercy Ships

"On behalf of the Liberian people, I wish to thank all the volunteers on the ship who come from all over the world for their sacrifice and the comfort they have given to so many poor and needy Liberians. Their work goes beyond compassion and healing the sick. It shows that the world is a global village, with no racial and social boundaries. The Liberian people are grateful."

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf - President (2006-2018), Liberia

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