“Ten years ago, whilst training as a nurse, I travelled across Africa and fell in love with the continent.

Mercy Ships gave me the opportunity to return there and to help where the needs are great. It’s amazing work, but also challenging: in a short amount of time you must gain the trust of the patient and make them feel welcome and comfortable. The hospital ship is a new and strange environment for them! Each stay on-board is a gift, I always receive far more than I could ever hope to give.

I am touched by the trust and gratitude of those we help. Their zest for life, despite the difficulties they face, never ceases to amaze me. After each engagement aboard the Africa Mercy, I come home full of joy and thankfulness for what I have had the privilege of sharing with other human beings, whether good or bad.

Lives are transformed – and not just those of the patients, but also those of each and every member of the crew !“