Mercy Ships Cargo Day

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Mercy Ships and all of our patients in Africa would like to thank our generous partners from the very first Mercy Ships Cargo Day. On October 19th 2016, participants were able to pledge cargoes, make donations, or share their commission in favour of Mercy Ships. This day is known as Mercy Ships Cargo Day.

The 2016 edition was a major success with participation of 30 charterers, 24 shipowners, 17 brokers, 6 port agents, 5 service companies and associations. In total, 60 cargoes were given by brokers and port agents while 9 address commissions were given by charterers and ship owners.

Thanks to our partners, over $300’000 have been raised in donations which will save lives through the work of our hospital ship. The event will be repeated every year in October.

You can find all information on our dedicated website:

Join the community and help expand the ability of Mercy Ships to deliver medical care and strengthen healthcare delivery systems in African nations. Join us for the 2017 edition on the 4th of October to make an even bigger impact in Africa.

If you are interested, please contact us at: [email protected]

Story of a patient on board

William has been blind for two years. After cataract surgery, he can see again. “I can see my son!”

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"On behalf of the Liberian people, I wish to thank all the volunteers on the ship who come from all over the world for their sacrifice and the comfort they have given to so many poor and needy Liberians. Their work goes beyond compassion and healing the sick. It shows that the world is a global village, with no racial and social boundaries. The Liberian people are grateful."

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf – President (2006-2018), Liberia