Introduction to Mercy Ships weekend (IMS)

Learn more about Mercy Ships and life on board

Introduction to Mercy Ships weekend

To learn more about Mercy Ships and life aboard the ship, the Mercy Ships Introductory Course (IMS) offers a 3-day program over a long weekend, on a barge in the Netherlands.

Topics include an introduction to Mercy Ships, transitioning, questions about community life, fundraising tips and an interview. All courses are given in English. If you would like to receive further information on the IMS course, or to register, do not hesitate to contact us!

The next IMS weekend will take place October or November 2022.

All information and the contact for registration can be found in this PDF document:

You will already find essential information about a commitment on board on this page of our website!

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The Africa Mercy is back in Dakar

The Africa Mercy has returned as promised to Senegal. We will continue the surgical operations and training that were interrupted by the pandemic.

Arrival in Senegal

Next field service: Senegal

In early 2022, the Mercy Ships hospital ship, the Africa Mercy, will return to Dakar for a humanitarian field service in Senegal.


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René Progin
René Progin
René Progin is Communication and Media Manager for Mercy Ships Switzerland.

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