Patient stories

About 5 billion people worldwide do not have adequate access to surgical interventions. Every year, 143’000 surgeries are lacking. Behind every statistic is a story, a life – a person waiting for hope and healing.

Mercy Ships exists as a compassionate response to a world in need. Together we are part of one race on our planet, irrespective of country, creed or color.

Discover the stories of lives transformed through hope and healing…

Amina, Jaques, Marie and Elodie

Amina, Jacques, Marie and Elodie

Story of Amina and her family

In 2001, the crew of our first hospital ship operated the young Amina of cataract. But who would have thought that her children would inherit her cataract?

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Story of Haingo

Meet Haingo

Viviaby tries everything to feed her baby, Haingo, born with a cleft lip. There’s little hope for Haingo to survive. But an unexpected encounter will change the course of her life forever.

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Story of Prinscio

Meet Prinscio

Prinscio walked in a surprising way: he was born with club feet, and walked on the side of his feet. But when his family heard that a hospital ship would be coming to his country, he rejoiced:: “Soon, I will be able to play soccer!”

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Story of Sandrins

Meet Sandrins

Sandrins used to go to school with her sisters and friends, But the three-kilometer walk to school gradually became too painful…

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Story of Vanya

Meet Vanya

While other children play and run, Vanya sits on the sidelines. When they cry and laugh, she remains silent.

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Story of William

Meet William

William has been blind for two years. After cataract surgery, he can see again. “I can see my son!”

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Story of Zakael

Meet Zakael

Zakael grins from ear to ear. Surgeons have removed the tumor that had grown on his neck for 7 years.

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